IHMRI researchers


As an independent medical research institute, IHMRI provides the primary vehicle through which academics, clinicians, health service professionals and research students are advancing health and medical research in the Illawarra region.

Research groups, centres and individual researchers (from IHMRI’s stakeholder organisations) are eligible to affiliate with the institute on the basis that their research aligns with IHMRI’s research themes and has the potential to contribute directly to IHMRI’s research strategy, priorities and research program.

Affiliated researchers reap the benefits of IHMRI’s state-of-the-art research institute environment to advance their research. At the same time, through its affiliated researchers, IHMRI is able to expand its research spread, capability and translation in line with the goals and objectives of its research strategy.

Researchers are admitted to IHMRI under formal affiliation agreements outlining obligations and benefits. Affiliated researchers are accountable to the IHMRI Executive Director for their contribution to IHMRI’s research program. They elect to align with one of IHMRI’s research themes and are guided by theme leaders who provide mentorship and advice on research direction and opportunities for new projects and collaborations. Affiliation also presents opportunities to access research support and funding distributions and IHMRI’s research laboratories and clinical research facilities.

In addition to its formally affiliated researchers, IHMRI also engages with a vast network of organisations and individuals with an interest in health and medical research via the IHMRI Research Community. Network members receive information on events, seminars and IHMRI’s research activities. They also align themselves with one or more of IHMRI’s research themes so that information and activities are targeted to their needs and interests.