Laboratory equipment and facilities

Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

IHMRI’s laboratories have been designed to host a broad range of basic science research. Facilities include:

  • six large open-plan laboratory modules
  • primary and established tissue culture areas
  • dedicated bacterial culture area
  • two large common equipment areas
  • two darkrooms
  • two cold rooms; each incorporating storage and work areas
  • four constant temperature rooms
  • four microscopy rooms
  • advanced flow cytometry facility
  • dedicated, restricted-access medium level radiation work area
  • -80 degree freezer holding rooms
  • two cryogenic storage rooms
  • two laboratories with Biosecurity Containment Level 1 (BC 1) certification
  • reticulated gas and vacuum throughout the building
  • reticulated distilled and Milli-Q water supply to laboratory modules.


Our laboratories are also home to some of the latest equipment for scientific and medical research. Major equipment is listed below by category.


Automation 1 x Liquid handling workstation (Hamilton STAR 60)
Bacterial Culture 4 x Biosafety cabinets (Class II)
1 x Cell density meter (Biochrom, C08000)
1 x CO2 incubator (NuAir)
1 x Gene pulser (Bio-Rad)
Miscellaneous orbital shakers and incubators
Cellular Analysis
1 x Cell analyzer (Roche, RTCA DP Xcelligence)
1 x Eppendorf (5810R)
1 x Heraeus (Fresco 21)
1 x Heraeus (Labofuge 400R)
2 x Heraeus (Megafuge 1.0R)
1 x Heraeus (Biofuge Primo)
3 x Heraeus (Multifuge X3R)
1 x Heraeus (Multifuge X1R)
2 x Sorvall (RC 6+)
1 x Sorvall (MTX150)
Controlled Temperature Rooms 4 x Constant temperature rooms
2 x Cold rooms
2 x HPLC (Waters)
2 x MPLC (Bio-Rad, NGC Quest 10) 
Dark Room 1 x Film processor (AGFA, CP1000)
2 x Silver recovery units
2 x Dark room facilities
Digital Imaging
1 x Molecular Imager (Carestream, Gel Logic 2200 PRO) 
1 x Molecular Imager (Carestream, Gel Logic 212 PRO)
1 x Molecular Imager (Amersham, Imager 600)
2 x Cell Imagers (Essen Bioscience, IncuCyte ZOOM and BioTek, Lionheart FX)
Flow Cytometry 1 x BD Accuri C6 (equipped with 2 lasers)
1 x BD LSR-II (equipped with 3 lasers)
1 x BD LSR Fortessa X-20 (equipped with 4 lasers, FACSFlow System and High Throughput Sampler (HTS))
1 x Cell Sorter (Bio-Rad, S3)
General Laboratory Equipment
1 x Analytical balance (Mettler Toledo, XS105DU)
7 x Fumehoods (Conditionaire, Safe-tee Series 2000)
2 x Glassware dishwashers (Miele)
2 x Glassware drying ovens
1 x Label printer (Zebra, GK420t)
2 x Ice machines
8 x Vacuum pumps (Welch)
1 x Vacuum pump (Vacuubrand)
Reticulated gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon)
Miscellaneous fridges and freezers
Miscellaneous incubators, rockers and shakers
Miscellaneous microscopes
Miscellaneous microwaves
Miscellaneous water baths
Histology 1 x Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor (Leica, ASP 2005)
2 x Cryostats (Leica, CM1950)
1 x Cryostat (ThermoFisher, Cryotome E)
1 x Freeze Dryer (Christ, ALPHA 1-2 LD plus)
1 x Linear Stainer (Leica, ST4020)
1 x Rotary Microtome (Leica, RM2255)
1 x Paraffin Embedding Station (Leica, EG1150H)
Mass Spectrometry and related
1 x GC-MS (Agilent, Triple Quadrupole 7000A)
1 x LC-MS (ThermoFisher, LCQ Fleet)
Access to many other leading-edge MS and NMR machines via the School of Chemistry
Microplate Readers
1 x FlexStation 3 (Molecular Devices)
1 x FLUOstar Optima (BMG LABTECH)
2 x POLARstar Omega (BMG LABTECH)
1 x SpectraMax 384 Plus (Molecular Devices)
1 x Confocal Microscope (Leica, TCS SP5 Advanced System - UV-VIS-IR and X1-Port Access with SMD FCS and CO2 incubation chamber)
1 x Confocal Microscope (Leica, TCS SP8 with Tandem Scanner 12 kHz, VISIR scan optic with rotation, two Internal Detector Channels (PMT) and one HyD, equipped with four lasers: laser 405 nm DMOD Compact; blue 488 nm, green 552 nm, and red 638 nm).
1 x Fluorescence Microscope (Nikon, TE2000-E with cell incubator chamber)
1 x Fluorescence Microscope (Leica, DMi8 with cell incubation chamber, external light source EL6000, filter cubes: DAPI, FITC, Texas Red).
1 x Electrophysiology Microscope (Leica)
1 x Microscope camera (Moticam 2000)
1 x Microscope camera (Leica, DM750 with ICC50)
Various basic microscopes
Molecular Analysis 1 x Electrophoresis Bioanalyser (Agilent, 2100)
1 x Isothermal Titration Calorimeter (TA Instruments, Nano-ITC)
1 x Particle Analyser (Malvern, Zetasizer APS)
1 x Particle Analyser (Nanosight, LM10)
1 x Spectrophotometer (ThermoFisher, NanoDrop 2000c)
PCR 3 x PCR (Eppendorf, Mastercycler Pro S)
1 x RT-PCR (Roche, LightCycler 480 II)
1 x Beta Counter (Perkin Elmer, Tri-Carb 2810 TR)
1 x Contamination monitor (Mini Instruments, 900 series with EP15 probe)
1 x Contamination monitor (ThermoFisher, RadEye B20-ER)
1 x Gamma Counter (Perkin Elmer, Wallac 1480)
1 x Fume hood (Conditionaire, Safe-tee Series 2000)
Purpose-built radiation room (medium level)
Sample Preparation
1 x Freeze Dryer (Christ, ALPHA 1-2 LD plus)
1 x Homogeniser (Avestin, C5)
2 x Sonicators (Branson, 250)
1 x Cell Harvester (Perkin Elmer, FilterMate)
2 x Autoclaves (PC2) (Getinge, H5 5510 EC1)
1 x Autoclave (PC3) (Getinge, GE 6610 ERC-2)
Tissue Culture
9 x Biosafety cabinets (Class II, various)
1 x Cytotoxic cabinet (Safemate, 1.2 Cyto)
1 x Laminar flow cabinet (Purair)
12 x CO2 incubator (HERAcell)
4 x CO2/O2 incubator (HERAcell)
2 x Liquid nitrogen storage dewars
2 x Liquid nitrogen dispensing dewars
1 x Liquid nitrogen vapour storage vessel (Capacity - 33,684 samples)
1 x Electrical Stimulator (Global BioTech, ISO-Flex Isolator and Master-9 pulse stimulator
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
6 x -80C freezers (Forma, 900 series)
2 x -80C freezers (Forma, TSU700 series)
1 x Freezer Monitoring System (Testo, Saveris)
Water Purification System
4 x Milli-Q water pods (Millipore, Advantage A10)


Last reviewed: 13 March, 2017