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Join the Network

The IHMRI Research Network is the primary vehicle through which academic and clinician researchers and other interested individuals and organisations participate in IHMRI's program of events and other information sharing activities. Membership is open to active researchers or others with and interest in health and medical research in the Illawarra region.

Categories of membership

1. A MEMBER is an individual who is actively involved in, or wishes to become actively involved in, health and medical research in the Illawarra. Members may be academics, clinicians, allied health professionals, managers in health service organisations or other professionals interested in pursuing research initiatives (members may also seek to formally affiliate with IHMRI under a formal affiliation agreement. However, affiliation involves an additional process).

2. A COLLABORATOR is an individual who participates with IHMRI members in health and medical research initiatives but whose primary research affiliation is with another university, health district, institute or organisation outside of the Illawarra region. Collaborators seek to remain abreast of IHMRI’s research and be informed of IHMRI events and activities.

3. An ASSOCIATE is an individual or a representative of an organisation with an interest in health and medical research in the Illawarra and who wishes to be kept abreast of, and support, IHMRI’s activities, but who does not anticipate becoming actively involved in research.

Membership benefits

Benefits            Members and Collaborators        Associates
Fees No No
Invitations to IHMRI Networking Events (quarterly) Yes Yes
Invitations to IHMRI Seminars (quarterly) Yes Yes
Invitations to visiting researcher seminars Yes Yes
IHMRI Newsletter (quarterly) Yes Yes
Eligibility to seek formal affiliation with IHMRI with a range of associated benefits and obligations Yes No


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Discuss your research idea

If you are a registered Research Network member would like to discuss your research idea with another network member with expertise in your field of interest, email:

Last reviewed: 20 October, 2014