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Research Themes 

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From its inception, IHMRI has organised its research program around a set of themes or challenges to create a framework for collaboration around health and medical issues of relevance to the region and the world.

These themes recognise that health and medical research works along a continuum of epidemiological, basic science, clinical and health services investigations. Furthermore, they provide a mechanism for leveraging the diverse interests and specialisations of a wide network of academic and clinical researchers, fostering ideas exchange and the translation of findings between research disciplines.

With these concepts in mind IHMRI’s research themes have been chosen to:

  • encourage translational research so that new or improved drugs, devices, therapies, treatments and clinical practice can be rapidly delivered to the community, and
  • foster research within health care settings to improve clinical practice and service delivery.

Importantly, IHMRI’s research program features an overarching population health agenda which strives to better understand the health status and behaviours of Illawarra residents. The aim is to identify effective strategies that can be implemented at the local level to promote wellbeing and prevent and/or better manage lifestyle-related conditions.

This Population Health agenda is underpinned by four broad-based research themes:

Each research theme is facilitated by a scientific leader from the University of Wollongong and a clinical leader from the health service. These theme leaders plan opportunities for theme participants to share ideas and information, explore new research possibilities, encourage the translation of research and foster collaborations across the academic and health service contexts.

* IHMRI's 2009-2012 research program consisted of six themes and three cross-cutting themes - see Archive.

Last reviewed: 26 February, 2013

New studies

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Recorded seminars

Some IHMRI Seminars are recorded in our lecture theatre and published via the UOW's eduStream channel.

Select the seminar that interests you here. Recent recordings:

  • "Innovative use of technology in nutrition and dietary practice".
  • "Effectively changing health services to better respond to personality disorders".
  • "Cannabis, the brain, cognition and psychosis: the good, the bad and the unknown".

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