Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

IHMRI’s laboratories have been designed to host a broad range of basic science research. Located on levels two and three of IHMRI's headquarters, facilities include:

  • six large, open-plan laboratory modules
  • primary and established tissue culture areas
  • dedicated bacterial culture area
  • two large common equipment areas
  • international-standard PC3 laboratory
  • two darkrooms
  • two cold rooms; each incorporating storage and work areas
  • four constant temperature rooms
  • two microscopy rooms
  • dedicated, restricted-access medium level radiation work area
  • -80 degree freezer holding rooms
  • dedicated, restricted-access quarantine facility
  • reticulated gas and vacuum throughout the building
  • reticulated Milli-Q water supply to laboratory modules.


Our laboratories are also home to some of the latest equipment for scientific and medical research. Major scientific equipment is listed below by category.


Automation1 x Liquid handling workstation (Microlab STAR 60)
Bacterial Culture4 x Biosafety cabinets (Class II)
1 x Cell density metre (Amersham, UltraSpec 10)
Miscellaneous shakers and incubators
Purpose-built PC3 laboratory
Cellular Analysis
1 x Cell analyzer (Roche, RTCA DP Xcelligence)
1 x Eppendorf (5810R)
1 x Heraeus (Fresco 21)
1 x Heraeus (Labofuge 400R)
2 x Heraeus (Megafuge 1.0R)
1 x Heraeus (Biofuge Primo)
2 x Heraeus (Multifuge X3R)
1 x Heraeus (Multifuge X1R)
2 x Sorvall (RC 6+)
1 x Sorvall (MTX150)
Controlled Temperature Rooms
4 x Constant temperature rooms
2 x Cold rooms
1 x HPLC (Waters)
2 x HPLC (Agilent)
1 x FPLC (AKTA Explorer 100)
Dark Room
1 x Film processor (AGFA, CP1000)
2 x Silver recovery units
2 x Dark room facilities
Digital Imaging
1 x Molecular imager (Carestream, Gel Logic 2200 PRO)  
1 x Molecular imager (Carestream, Gel Logic 212 PRO)
Flow Cytometry1 x BD LSR-II flow cytometer (equipped with 3 lasers)
General Laboratory Equipment
1 x Analytical balance (Mettler Toledo, XS105DU)
7 x Fumehoods (Conditionaire, Safe-tee Series 2000)
2 x Glassware dishwashers (Miele)
2 x Glassware drying ovens
1 x Label printer (Zebra, GK420t)
2 x Ice machines
12 x Vacuum pumps (Welch)
Reticulated gas (Argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen)
Miscellaneous fridges and freezers
Miscellaneous incubators, rockers and shakers
Miscellaneous microscopes
Miscellaneous microwaves
Miscellaneous water baths
Miscellaneous water baths
Mass Spectrometry and related
1 x GC-MS (Agilent, Triple Quadrupole 7000A)
1 x LC-MS (ThermoFisher Scientific, LCQ Fleet)
Access to many other leading-edge MS and NMR machines via the School of Chemistry
Microplate Readers
2 x Molecular Devices (SpectraMax 384 Plus) 
1 x Confocal microscope (Leica TCS SP5 Advanced System - UV-VIS-IR and X1-Port Access with SMD FCS and CO2 incubation chamber)
1 x Fluorescence microscope (Nikon TE2000-E with cell incubator chamber)
1 x Microscope camera (Moticam 2000)
Various basic microscopes
Molecular Analysis1 x Electrophoresis bioanalyser (Agilent, 2100)
1 x Electrophoresis system (Bio-Rad)
1 x Flow cell fluometry (Abacus, Luminex LX100)
1 x Isothermal titration calorimetry (TA instruments, Nano-ITC)
1 x Particle analyser (Malvern, Zetasizer APS)
1 x Particle analyser (Nanosight, LM10)
1 x Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific, NanoDrop 2000c)
PCR3 x PCR (Eppendorf, Mastercycler Pro S)
1 x RT-PCR (Roche, LightCycler 480 II)  
1 x Beta counter (Perkin Elmer, Tri-Carb 2810 TR)
1 x Beta imager 2000 (Biospace)
1 x Contamination monitor (MiniInstruments, 900 series with EP15 probe)
1 x Contamination monitor (ThermoFisher, RadEye B20-ER)
1 x Gamma counter (Perkin Elmer, Wallac 1480)
1 x Fume hood (Conditionaire, Safe-tee Series 2000)
Purpose-built radiation room (medium level)
Sample Preparation
1 x Automated vacuum tissue processor (Leica, ASP 2005)
2 x Cryostat (Leica, CM1950)
1 x Cryostat (ThermoFisher Scientific, Cryotome E)
1 x Freeze dryer (Christ, ALPHA 1-2 LD plus)
1 x Gene pulser (Bio-Rad)
1 x Homogeniser (Avestin, C5)
1 x Linear Stainer (Leica, ST4020)
1 x Microtome (Leica, RM2255)
1 x Paraffin embedding station (Leica, EG1150H)
2 x Sonicator (Branson, 250) 
2 x Autoclave (PC2) (Getinge, H5 5510 EC1)
1 x Autoclave (PC3) (Getinge, GE 6610 ERC-2)
Tissue Culture
7 x Biosafety cabinets (Class II, various)
1 x Cytotoxic cabinet (Safemate, 1.2 Cyto)
1 x Laminar flow cabinet (Purair)
7 x CO2 incubator (HERAcell)
1 x CO2 incubator (NuAire)
9 x Liquid nitrogen cryostorage dewars
2 x Liquid nitrogen dispensing dewars
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

6 x -80C freezers (Forma, 900 series)
1 x -80C freezers (Forma, TSU700 series)
1 x freezer monitoring system (Testo, Saveris)

Water Purification System

4 x Milli-Q water (Millipore, Advantage A10)



Last reviewed: 21 January, 2014