IHMRI's vision - excellence and innovation in health and medical research, supporting better health services, leading to a healthier Illawarra community - encapsulates the belief that by linking academic and clinical researchers around common health and medical issues, research findings can be rapidly translated into improved clinical practice and population health in the Illawarra and beyond.


IHMRI’s mission is to build a centre of excellence and innovation in health and medical research, targeting health improvements through early intervention and preventative health care.


IHMRI strives to achieve:

  • excellence and innovation in targeted health and medical research - linking bright minds around common problems
  • collaborative research capacity building in our region - bridging academic and clinical research contexts
  • enhanced resourcing for health and medical research - connecting researchers to quality facilities and services
  • improvements in clinical practice and the health of our community - translating discoveries into better care and health improvements
  • an informed and engaged community - engaging the institute with the Illawarra community
  • organisational growth and development - leading from the present to a better and sustainable future.


Last reviewed: 25 February, 2013


IHMRI Chair Professor Alan Pettigrew 175

On 10 April 2014, one of Australia's most respected research and innovation advisors, Professor Alan Pettigrew, joined the IHMRI Board as Chair.

Formerly Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England and inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the NHMRC, Professor Pettigrew is now working with the board to grow the institute and its reputation for research that addresses today's and tomorrow's needs in health and medicine. More here.

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The establishment of IHMRI in state of the art facilities on the University of Wollongong campus, marks a major milestone for the region and the health of the local community. Visit our You Tube channel.

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