Vision, Mission and Goals


IHMRI's vision -  excellence and innovation in health and medical research, supporting better health services, leading to a healthier Illawarra community - encapsulates the belief that by linking academic and clinical researchers around common health and medical issues, research findings can be rapidly translated into improved clinical practice and population health in the Illawarra region and beyond.


To build a nationally and internationally-recognised centre of health and medical research targeting regionally relevant health improvements through novel treatments, better clinical practice and preventative health.


IHMRI strives to:

  • achieve excellence, innovation and translation in targeted health and medical research
  • enhance the resourcing of health and medical research in the region
  • shape an environment that builds research capacity and fosters collaboration
  • inform and engage our local community, the broader public and international audiences
  • continually develop our organisation and our people for a sustainable future.


Last reviewed: 1 September, 2014

IHMRI Alan Pettigrew 250

On 10 April 2014, one of Australia's most respected research and innovation advisors, Professor Alan Pettigrew, joined the IHMRI Board as Chair. More here.

IHMRI Business Plan cover

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